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Hello, I'm Jannet. I am a minister, teacher, mentor, motivational speaker & author of many books.
I am the co-founder and Senior Pastor of the Greater Life Church, Edinburgh, Scotland. I am married to Joseph and I have four children all of whom serve in ministry.

Why I Love My Work

My work is dedicated to enabling powerful mind renewal based on the truth of God's word and leading women and girls to find balance in their lives: Spirit, Soul, Mind & Body.

I want to see every woman equipped with their true 'Value, Identity & Purpose' (VIP), unleashing their inner greatness and seeing themselves as over-comers, not mere survivors, no matter what traumatic circumstances or health related issues may have affected them. I want every woman to know that they are enough!

My Passion & Pursuits

My heart's desire and passion is in coaching and empowering women and girls from all walks of life, to learn how to experience total freedom. I thrive by helping others thrive. This is why together with my family members and team, I am driven to create the ultimate (TM) Wholeness Retreat Experience. I am someone who thrives by helping others thrive. That is why together with my family members and team, I am driven to create the ultimate wholeness life and retreat experience.

I Was Healed From Spondylolisthesis

I struggled with Spondilisthesis, Stage 4 Edometriosis and Abdominal Adhesions for many years. I was confined to a wheelchair & crutches for many years until 2005 - when following a powerful prayer vigil, the LORD gave me a miraculous healing victory.

Since receiving my miraculous healing from God by the help of the Holy Spirit in 2005, I went on a journey of Spirit, Soul, Mind & Body restoration and continue to do so today. I know from my own experience that it is the key to real and lasting change. I am committed to helping other women and girls find their true inner greatness and live their best life everyday.

I Was Healed From Occipital Neuralgia

Recently, in 2021, I suffered from severe pain in the back of my head. A chronic pain condition known as Occipital Neuralgia. This pain was worse than my labour pains. I was admitted into the hospital for three days in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the consultants were baffled. On the third day, God again healed me miraculously, as doctors could not explain how it happend. Today, I am healthier and fitter than ever. I have learned to master the process of retaining balance and wholeness in life: Spirit, Soul, Mind & Body. Helping other women and girls to find their balance is my way of giving back to others.

My Purpose

Is to help women & girls learn to take practical faith steps to advance their self care and equip them with inner strength in their journey of becoming Christlike. To pass on to women and girls the power of prayer, gratitude, forgivess and the use of powerful affirmations I learned as a result of my own healing.

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The Key To Genuine Wellness Is To

Be Made whole - Spirit, Soul, Mind & Body!

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I am always in awe of God and the beauty of his majestic symphony, all around us.

I keep to the center of my being. I love being a wife and mum. I am a woman of faith, Spirit led and loves Jesus. I really believe that self-care is number one for women & girls. I am health and well-being conscious minded. I am not afraid of aging. I choose to try and live a better life every day.

I am drawn to nature as a healing space and as my healthy environment. I can't imagine anything else better in life than discovering and serving one's true purpose in life. I am inclined to laugh a lot mostly at my own jokes and at others too. I dwell and breathe His Holy Presence! Worship brings me into heavenly places. I am inclined to drink tea in every season.

In everything I set my heart to do, I aim for what is: True, Noble, Right, Pure, Lovely, Admirable, Praise-worthy and I do it with excellence. I am a gift giving person. I love to give compliments. I am a heart of gratitude person.

Prioritise Connecting The Spirit

(1 John 4v4)

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Enjoy a expansive collection of our faith-based online television channels. There's a channel for everyone. I recommend tuning into 24/7 Word channel before arriving on a retreat, so that you can get a feel for the Wholeness retreat. Don't forget to subscribe.

Awakening the spirit.


is a contemporary CHRISTIAN RETREAT. It is a family run, mulicultural retreat, focusing on SPIRIT, SOUL, MIND & BODY. We focus not just on one aspect of being, but we help you to discover your center, your identity, value and purpose (YOUR VIP) in life. You will learn how to find balance in life by connecting your Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body. You will leave feeling, refreshed, restored, renewed, and rejuvenated.
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Renewing your mind.

Healing for your soul.

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